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All action ultimately begins with thought – what thoughts we are sending or directing towards our own life is significant in determining how we perceive ourselves. We build our self-image with the repeated thoughts we send towards ourselves.

While we may live in a state of flux through the day, we can actively practice the art of developing loving kindness through a meditative practice, popular among Buddhists also known as the loving kindness meditation or LKM practice.

It is best that you do this at the end of day, every day for a few minutes. You can sit down in meditation and over some time calm yourself and centre your thoughts. At this point, you can send towards yourself, loving and kind words.

It may be difficult for many because we are often taught to be critical of ourselves by the judgment we may have received over the years. So initially as you start practising LKM, you may have some inner resistance to deal with – but you will soon feel better as you repeat a few times.

So, you can begin with sending loving thoughts towards your own life and mentally repeat phrases like – May I be happy; May I be Safe; May I be healthy, peaceful and strong; May I give and receive appreciation today. After sending these powerful positive thoughts towards your life – as you begin to feel full of positivity and goodness, you can start sending the same thoughts to another person – unconditionally – may be a friend, a partner or a sibling.

As you continue to do this, you will slowly be able to extend this goodness to more and  more people and it will soon help you be in an expanded state – of self-acceptance and selflove.

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The Selflove Blog

A FULL Life Needs Alignment

. No matter how long you have been doing something, if it is not something that you like immerse in, or if it does not consume you, it is pointless.

. Have the courage to seek what is your one true calling – and nourish that.

. Half-hearted work, half-hearted love also means a life half-lived.

. There is no point in building a track-record in a life or work, which is not authentically you or aligned to your purpose.

. You have no one to please but your own self.

. A FULL life. A FULL love. Never settle for anything less.

A Half-hearted Life?

The lockdown has forced all of us to internalize our thoughts and emotions – some things within us have shifted permanently. Introspection has led to all of us reveal some of our deepest selves. Some people have started cooking, some painting, some singing. And why not? To be able to nurse and nurture your true inner calling is the best gift that you can ever give yourself – the highest act of selflove. Doing the opposite is actually self-denial. But how many of us are fortunate to be guided towards our true calling? A lot of us waste some of the most productive years – trying to be or become what we are not meant to, in the first place. Worse is trying our best and sacrificing our passions to take a deep dive into something in which we only are about half interested. There’s only sorrow written down the path – yet, even as so many have written about it, spoken about it – it just continues. Such an unhappy existence that is. Parental or peer pressure  are main reasons that push us to live up to someone else’s expectations. Many just consciously or unconsciously choose to do things which do not consume them passionately and thus end up  in half-hearted careers, half-hearted relationships and half-lived lives.

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